Leonie’s expertise in implementing best practices in education is so broad that it is appropriate to say it’s on the cutting edge.

I have worked with Leonie for several years, where she has provided invaluable coaching support for Oakleigh Grammar, both when she worked for ISV and independently in her own business. Her knowledge of positive psychology is deep and Leonie is able to implement cultural and academic change by establishing trusting relationships and engaging people at their point of need.

It has been said of Leonie that she is so lateral in her cognitive skills that she ‘thinks in 3D’…I would agree with this observation. Leonie has a growth mind set, is process focused and her thinking allows for synergistic outcomes that result from extraordinary talent.

From a leadership perspective, Leonie has integrity, faith in others and the willingness to give back to her community. She is solution focused, articulate, honest and loyal. In fact, she is the total package and it is a privilege to continue working with her…at Oakleigh Grammar, we consider her to be one of our ‘gold nuggets’…rare, precious and priceless!

Kathy Haramis, Leadership Facilitator – Oakleigh Grammar, Life Coach, Accredited FranklinCovey Facilitator – 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Thank you Leonie for an engaging, dynamic, challenging and enjoyable session on Coaching Conversations. The length and style of activities and the way you interspersed them with discussion and slides made for a genuinely interesting and valuable morning. There was not a moment of the dreaded, all too common PD malaise where participants are attempting valiantly to be polite whilst thinking of all of the better things they could be doing with their time. You know all too well that time is the teacher’s most precious commodity and this was time exceptionally well spent and with some laughter along the way. I think the fact that we were able to achieve the levels of focus that we did at the end of a very intense and draining term is testament to your facilitation.

I was exhausted at the end of the session – in the best possible way. I felt that I had worked really hard to focus my mind and re-visit skills that will not only equip me well to support my colleagues in their classrooms but also our boys for whom a true listening ear can make all the difference.

Shelly Beecham, Teacher at St Bernard’s College

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